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AP Solution – The Charity Template

The Template is designed to help charities who are registered as companies under company law (charitable companies), and their accountants, comply with:

  • the reporting requirements of company law, and
  • the requirements of the appropriate Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) published by the Charity Commission.

Reporting and SORP compliance

The Template applies to small charitable companies using FRS 102 and enables them to meet the disclosure requirements of the Charities SORP for the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities – FRS 102. In particular, it enables accountants to produce the following:

  • A Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA)
  • A summary income and expenditure account
  • Analysis of the charity’s income and expenditure across various funds
  • Analysis of the charity’s restricted, unrestricted and endowment funds
  • Analysis of different sources of income e.g. donations, trading, legacies and investments

Software integration for seamless Accounts Production

Award-winning AP Solution delivers simple and intuitive accounts production software that makes the completion of year-end annual accounts easy.

It has been developed in consultation with accountants and integrates seamlessly with BTCSoftware products for practice management, corporation tax and self-assessment requirements.

It also links with many bookkeeping products (including Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon One, Clear Books, FreeAgent, Iris, KashFlow, SAGE and VT) to make year-end compliance slicker, faster and easier.

The solution includes an Incomplete Records module. This enables the Extended Trial Balance to be constructed from receipts, payments and transfers reconciled to bank statements.

Direct API links with Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent and Reckon One provides automatic two-way journal adjustments back into the bookkeeping software.

See some of our integrations in action!

Now with CT600E

We are pleased to introduce CT Solution to our Charity Compliance software. Accountants who look after charities can now easily complete CT600E within our award-winning software and easily file directly with HMRC.

The integrations between Accounts Production and Corporation Tax save you time and improve accuracy. Plus, automatic iXBRL tagging provides easy compliance at the touch of a button.


  • The set of accounts feed data to the Corporation Tax computations and the Corporation Tax provision calculated on CT600E is then posted back into the accounts as a journal automatically.
  • All of your charity data is automatically transferred into AP and CT Solution.
  • Submission to HMRC and Companies House is straightforward with in-software functionality.


BTCSoftware’s AP Solution is also very flexible and gives the ability to clone accounts templates, rename or add additional nominal accounts to the detailed profit and loss account.

 Key Features

  • Accounts Production for Incorporated Charities (small) and Unincorporated Charities (small).
  • Direct online submission of charitable company accounts to Companies House
  • Direct online submission of CT600E to HMRC
  • iXBRL tagging at the touch of a button.
  • A variety of accountants reports including major industry bodies.
  • ETB can be constructed from receipts, payments and transfers reconciled to bank statements
  • Unincorporated Small (Charity) (FRS 102 SORP)
  • Scottish Unincorporated Small (Charity) (FRS 102 SORP)
  • Scottish SCIO Small (Charity) (FRS 102 SORP) – (Unincorporated)
  • Scottish Company Small (Charity) (FRS 102 SORP) – (Incorporated small)
  • Company Small (Charity) (FRS 102 SORP) – (Incorporated small)
  • Plus integration with BTCSoftware’s suite of modules, including Self-Assessment and Solution Cloud.

Easy to install and free unlimited technical support

The Charity Solution is simple to install for network or standalone installations and is also available with a Cloud database.

Installation includes:

  • A simple transfer of client information from many existing personal tax and accounts production software applications
  • An easy to follow user guide
  • Free technical support whenever you need it
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Annual product licenses include unlimited support, together with free software updates.


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  • CC Solution
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