Seamless integration with bookkeeping packages

BTCSoftware products integrate with many bookkeeping software products to make your work quicker and easier

Seamlessly Connected

Through our Accounts Production software you can easily populate all the information from your bookkeeping package and file necessary returns to HMRC and Companies House. And once the accounts are complete, a simple export will automatically transfer journals back to your accounts.

This time and work-saving two-way integration is available between our products and:

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • FreeAgent
  • Reckon One

Plus BTCSoftware products can accommodate CSV imports of Trial Balances from other Bookkeeping products including VT, Sage, Clearbooks and KashFlow (Iris).

See the integration here

Xero integration video

QuickBooks integration video

Sage integration video

FreeAgent integration video

For faster, easier and more cost-effective production of final accounts

AP Solution is our answer to the production of Year-End Annual Accounts. Such is the level of integration that you will find it installed within our main Solution Centre alongside both the PM Solution & the self assessment functionality of SA Solution

Developed with considerable accountancy professional input, AP Solution is a key milestone in the evolution of BTCSoftware and brings truly affordable integration to the UK accountancy market. This game-changing product also links with a range of bookkeeping products to make year-end compliance slicker, faster and easier.

AP solution includes our Incomplete Records module. This enables the ETB to be constructed from receipts, payments and transfers reconciled to bank statements.

It’s a simple procedure to Import your Trial Balance from 3rd party accounting packages

Step One – AP Solution Login to access your files

We understand that users have different choices for their bookkeeping solutions, so our AP Solution links with a range of bookkeeping products (listed below) to give you flexible options. You also have a custom option if you do your own bookkeeping.

Xero *                               Iris                                     Digita

FreeAgent*                      Kashflow                           Sage

QuickBooks (Online)*      QuickBooks (Desktop)      VT Transaction+

Reckon*                            ClearBooks                       Custom

* – Two Way API link between the Accounting package and BTCSoftware

Step Two – Pulling in the trial balance

  • From the Trial Balance Import Mapping screen, you will first choose from which BookKeeping package you want to bring in the Trial Balance from (e.g: Xero)
  • Click on Download to then allow a 30 minute timeframe to access your clients Trial Balance
  • Choose the organisation to the import the Trial Balance
  • Once the Trial Balance is brought into the Import Mapping Screen you can import this into the Year End Accounts
  • Please note that because we have a two way integration with Xero, FreeAgent, QuickBooks (Online) and Reckon One, your trial balance is automatically mapped for you

Step Three – Creating iXBRL file to transfer figures to CT Solution for Corporation Tax Calculation

  • Once you have completed the preparation of the Year-End Accounts, you can create the iXBRL file with a click of a button
  • Proceed to the Corporation Tax Return to find the figures from the accounts transferred into CT Computations automatically
  • Complete necessary entries on the CT600 for Corporation Tax Calculation
  • A Corporation Tax Journal is posted back into the Year End Accounts after you ‘Check and Generate the Return’

Step Four – Submitting Accounts to Companies House

  • You can now finalise the accounts by checking the Notes to The Accounts, Director’s Report and add any additional information that needs to go into the accounts etc
  • You can then generate the iXBRL file (Full Accounts) to send to your clients for approval.
  • Once the accounts are approved by your client, you can submit filleted accounts to Companies House from the Year End Accounts Summary Screen

Step Five – Submitting Accounts to HMRC

  • BTCSoftware automatically attaches the iXBRL accounts (fully tagged) to the Corporation Tax return
  • iXBRL Computations are generated for you and attached to your Corporation Tax Return
  • Once the Tax Return is completed, an IR Mark is generated
  • You can then send this off to your client for approval along with a cover letter
  • Once approved by your client, the tax return along with the fully tagged iXBRL accounts and iXBRL computations can be submitted to HMRC
  • Print the submission history confirmation along with the Correlation ID as proof of filing

Step Six – Posting Journals back into the accounting package

  • After the Tax Return and the Year End Accounts have been submitted, you can then complete one last step which is posting any adjusting journals and the corporation tax journal back into the accounting package
  • If you have used Xero, QuickBooks (Online), FreeAgent or Reckon One, the journals are posted back into these packages with a click of a button (Upload)
  • If you have used any other bookkeeping package option like Sage or VT Transation+, you will be able to produce a csv journal export in the correct format to be able to import it straight back into the accounting package

 Developed to work seamlessly with your accountancy software.

Together with many other bookkeeping & accounting packages.

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