BTCSoftware releases PM Update v9.7.xx

Date Published: October 23, 2017

Category: Practice Manager Solution

BTCSoftware PM Solution updateThe BTCSoftware team is delighted to release its latest update of PM Solution.  The update has been developed in close collaboration with HMRC to ensure it complies with the very latest computations and exclusions for the 2017 individual tax year.

Key features of the new update include:

  • Updated HMRC Individual Tax Calculation for year 2017.
  • Updated HMRC Exclusions for 2017 Individual tax year. HMRC’s new calculatiom fixes some of the exclusions but also introduces more, all of which we have added to the software.
  • An API link to ReckonOne accounts package for the import of trial balances and export of journals.
  • Enhancements to the MyDocSafe process to give the user the ability to enter a personalised message to go with the document for signature
  • Correction to the Trust Capital Gains form so it is possible to use non-residential property losses against residential property gains and vice versa
  • New help documents and videos
  • Improvements for multi-database users so they can tell which Database they are connected to (status in bottom left hand corner) and, for cloud only, one VPN is required per server rather than per database
  • Some Accounts Production template enhancements


Current subscribers to PM Solution will receive an automatic update.  If you would like to subscribe to PM Solution, contact the Sales Team on tel. 0345 241 5030 or email

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