Corporation Tax

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Bring Your Compliance In-House with BTCSoftware

BTCSoftware has a long track record of developing simple to use, secure, and reliable tax compliance software. So if you’re an accounts or finance professional working in a corporate setting, our software can help.

Does your software allow one-day Corporation Tax Periods?

When you have a client with a one-day accounting period, you need your software to handle it with ease. Where other software options make harder to complete CT returns for a one-day period, BTCSoftware’s CT Solution is able to facilitate this type of return.

Using Corporation Tax Solution Integral to Handle Losses

CT Solution Integral is a simple and intuitive software for business accounting. We often receive calls to Support for help using the Losses functions in CT Solution Integral, and so have produced these two videos to help our customers make the most of their BTCSoftware Solution.

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