Cloud software can help accountants working remotely to organise and strategise even as we enter Self-Assessment busy season. With the added pressures caused by the Coronavirus and a second lockdown, you’re working to support clients with furloughed employees or Self-Employment grants from HMRC. That could mean now is the right time to assess your wider practice technology.

Meet remotely

Online meeting software has become an essential way for many businesses to function while staff are working remotely. Teams and Zoom are two of the most popular options which allow you to video call and screen share with your colleagues, facilitating collaboration even at a distance.

As Rob Ellis, CEO of BTCSoftware, puts it:

“If and when you do use video calls, make sure you set a virtual background to hide what’s behind you in the room. I’ve been in many a call where people are sitting in front of an unmade bed, messy home office, empty wine bottles, or where their partner or roommate (or in one case their mother) wanders into shot. It’s very easy to set a virtual background and can range from a corporate logo to a picture of a beach – either way it’s much more professional than the alternative!”

Document management and e-signing

A document management and e-signing solution can make all the difference in running your practice when you can’t meet clients to share and sign off on important paperwork.

Our software integrates with e-signing solutions, including the new Pay-as-you-Go option from MyDocSafe.

See our integrations

Deadline automation in the Cloud

All of our modules provide an easy way for accountants to keep on top of their clients’ deadlines and due dates. It makes organising your practice simple, as your team is notified of filing dates and other due dates ahead of time. When your database is hosted in Solution Cloud, all of your team can securely access the database and get due date information in real-time.

Document collaboration

Being able to work on a document with colleagues remotely in real-time could be a benefit to many practices. Consider SharePoint or another document sharing service to work collaboratively on documents with other team members.


Don’t forget your mental wellness. If yours is a sociable team, try Jackbox games for a modern twist on a traditional games night. And if you prefer to unwind on your own, take a look at mindfulness apps; Mindful has a great list of free ones.

How we can help

All of our solutions are available with Solution Cloud access to help your practice work remotely.

If you’re a customer already, get in touch with Abby on 0345 241 5030 to discuss your Solution Cloud options.

New to BTCSoftware? Take a look at Solution Suite, or call the New Business team on 0345 241 5030 for an informal chat about your requirements.

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