We invited Abby, BTCSoftware’s Head of Customer Success, to share her thoughts on the importance of partnership with customers.

Although it feels much longer, it was just over a year ago that I sat down with our board of directors to discuss enhancing our strategy to support our customers. BTCSoftware’s teams had already moved to remote working ahead of the official lockdown announcement, and I was aware my team would be needed in ways we’d not considered before the pandemic.

Partnership starts with listening

It’s important to me, my team and the company as a whole that we are listening to our customers and responding in useful, productive ways. The Customer Success team’s first priority is to understand our customer’s objectives and work to help them achieve those goals.

One thing we heard from many customers during 2020 and into this year was that accountants in practice were feeling extreme pressure to support clients suffering a downturn in business, which is why we used our monthly newsletters in that period to add a sense of escapism alongside important updates.

Putting plans into action

Based on the objectives a customer – whether long-term or brand new – shares, my team’s job is to embrace that goal and put a plan into action.

For many of our accountants, the last year has been about flexibility and useability, rather than long-term goals, so in the short term, we have focussed on expanding our capacity to assist the entire user group. I’m now looking forward to catching up with our customers to look into 2022 and beyond so we can revisit their objectives and understand how we can collaborate with them further.

Working with our Support team

During the first lockdown, it was clear that many BTCSoftware users needed additional support and assistance with moving to a home working model. I’m proud of how well our technical and customer support team members came together – despite the physical distance – to create an easy, stress-free support and customer care experience.

All of our efforts behind the scenes means that our customers haven’t seen any delays or drop in the quality we provide, with my colleagues in the Support team achieving 92% positive feedback over the first 6 months of this year.

Looking to the future

We know that the pandemic and lockdowns have greatly accelerated the move towards digitalisation for the industry, which is why our teams at BTCSoftware are working hard behind the scenes to enhance our products and processes.

My team is currently meeting regularly to explore strategies for the run-up to MTD for ITSA and other ways we can work in partnership with you to create a smooth road to your next big goal.

I’d like to hear from you

Your success is our success, so I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can call me on 0345 241 5030 or get in touch online.

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