Coming out of busy season, practices will be asking if their software helped them. It’s February and – extended HMRC deadline notwithstanding – accountants will begin reviewing the past month. You’ll be asking some key questions to establish how January panned out. Did your clients act quickly? Did you work beyond what you charge for? And how did your software help – or hinder – you?

Practice software that helps with client management

From essential preparation, like reminding your clients about the threat of penalties for late payments, to using the roll-forward feature in your software to identify omissions, you will now likely be reviewing how your client management affected your stress levels throughout January. When your practice makes use of powerful practice management software, you can avoid stressful surprises.

How much are you worth?

It’s a simple concept, but one that can be derailed by the wrong software. You charge your client for the time you spend working on their returns and when your estimated time is exceeded, your profit falls. It’s unavoidable that some clients will drag their feet, need more chasing and provide inadequate financial information. The right software will power you forward through the administration of their returns, allowing you to stay within your plan and earn what you’re worth.

Practice software that helps power you forward

Your practice and tax software should help you by reducing manual work and provide you with integrations that boost your productivity. Consider:

  • Client management: Does your Practice Management software allow you to keep track of key dates, client information and important information?
  • eSigning: Can you easily send, access and organise your client documents?
  • Bookkeeping integration: How easy is it to bring your clients’ records into your tax modules?
  • Automatic links: Do you waste time transferring information between partner and partnership returns?
  • Pre-population: Can you save time with links to HMRC to fill in key data?

Ready for next year?

If your tax software is hindering you during Self-Assessment, you may also notice limits on other tax and compliance work. That’s why BTCSoftware provides a suite of tax and compliance modules that link together as one practice software solution to help you navigate the entire year successfully. Our software gives you simple Self-Assessment and a powerful Practice Management system, plus Accounts Production, Corporation Tax, VAT and Company Secretarial. You get an easy, integrated tax and compliance package that’s also affordable and supported by our fantastic team.

Find out more

Discover our full range of software for accountants and to get in touch. Or, jump right in with a free demo to see how we can help your practice all year long.

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