FreeAgent Integration

BTCSoftware integration with FreeAgent accounting software.


Seamlessly Connected

A simple import from your FreeAgent accounts will populate the information to allow you to file with HMRC and Companies House. Once the accounts are complete, a simple export will automatically transfer journals back to FreeAgent accounts for your client.

See our Accounts production solution for more information.

Tax software that is more than just … Simple and Intuitive, Robust and Reliable and Value for Money.

What is FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is designed and built specifically for small and medium businesses. Either you or your clients can customise available features to suit their needs and save money.


Plus, it’s simple and easy to use, helping all users work more efficiently. Your clients can also manage their finances at any time, across all their devices. The data is updated in real time, making everyday accounting tasks easier and collaborating with your clients faster, especially as you also have full access to FreeAgent.

You can find more information on the FreeAgent integration with BTCSoftware here.

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