As part of our 21st anniversary celebrations, we posed a few questions to our customers. Those questions were:

  • Why did you first consider BTCSoftware?
  • What convinced you to sign up?
  • Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

We didn’t limit their replies by giving options or scales. Our survey let them use their own words to provide us with feedback. Here’s what they had to tell us.

Question One: Why did you first consider BTCSoftware?

The top responses were:

“We needed competitively priced tax software for a small practice.” Rob Griffiths, Anavrin

“Starting up as a sole practitioner. Discussed with a friend who has been a sole practitioner for about 10 years and she recommended it.” Tracey Richardson, TR Accountancy Services

“Pricing, reputation for ease of use & reliability.” Carolyn Byrne, Roythornes

“I read good reviews online, plus my current provider had increased their fees in recent years, while the service level I had had not increased – so it was time to move.” Irina Iordanova-Warren, IWM Ltd

Question Two: What convinced you to sign up?

The top responses were:

“Easy to use and good value for money – especially for small businesses.” Jameela Gunasekara, Gunasekara & Co Ltd

“Price driven, high service support, good outputs and updates.” Stephen Gair, Towne & Co

“After speaking with your sales guy and watching a demonstration I realised the change over may not be such a daunting task.” Wendy Allen, Ochil Accounting Limited

“The ease of use and sign up process and the recommendation.” Claire Naylor, Integral Bookkeeping

Question Three: Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

The top responses were:

“Everyone is very helpful and approachable particularly in support. Never had a problem submitting to Companies House or HMRC. Upfront about pricing. Small accountancy firms just as welcome as larger ones.” Judy Dean, Fernhill Accountants

“I love the ease of data transfer from Xero to BTC, it saves so much time versus manual entry and avoids errors.” Barry Coles, Coles Accountants Ltd

“Thanks for a great product and the most useful bit to me is the really good tech support – thank you.” Nick Clayton, Claytons

“To date your service has been first-class both for general enquiries and the all-important technical help and I hope you can continue to maintain this as you company deservedly grows.” Peter Grimley, PAN Grimley Ltd

Why not join them?

You could be one of our happy customers too. We’re multi-award-winning (find out more here) with a 4.8 star rating on AccountingWEB.

Most of our customers started by booking a one-on-one demo with a BTCSoftware consultant. They will take you on a remote tour of the software, tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch on 0345 241 5030 (option 1) to book your demo.

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