How smaller accountancy firms can prepare for the GDPR

Date Published: October 2, 2017

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GDPR accountancy firmsBTCSoftware and MyDocSafe have co-authored a handy guide for smaller accountancy practices.  It explains how smaller firms can prepare for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) which come into force in May 2018.


Despite being EU-led legislation, the UK looks set to adopt many of the GDPR’s criteria for handling data.  This has significant implications for all businesses.  With accountancy practices, it will impact on how they manage and store client, contact, supplier and staff data.


GDPR accountancy firms guidePractical tips to get your accountancy firm GDPR-ready

The guide gives practical tips to smaller accountancy firms on how to prepare for the GDPR and includes guidance on:

  • Understanding what constitutes personal data
  • The importance of obtaining consent under the GDPR
  • The rights of data subjects – clients, contacts, staff etc
  • The importance of system security, given the GDPR’s hefty fines for data breaches.

…and gives smaller firms a handy checklist on how to get GDPR-ready.


GDPR-friendly software solutions

BTCSoftware deliver feature-rich, secure and cost-effective tax, accounting and practice management software products that make life easier and more rewarding for accounting professionals. Its abiding ethos is that quality, practice grade software should never be expensive.


MyDocSafe are the front-office suite for professional services firms that deal with sensitive data.  Their encrypted document storage, e-signature and client portal technology form part of the DNA of a modern, cloud enabled, and cyber-security aware accounting practice.


Both firms have instigate GDPR-friendly elements in their software products to help smaller accountancy firms comply with the new regulations.  The two companies’ products also integrate with each other enabling accountancy firms to send documents to their clients for approval directly from the practice management console – saving time and resources.


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