How to Submit Amended Year-End Accounts to Companies House

Date Published: August 1, 2019

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BTCSoftware make it simple to resubmit accounts to Companies House where the original submission was rejected. If, however, the submission was accepted then you need to talk to Companies House and ask if they will accept a paper submission of the amended accounts.

You can submit year-end accounts online to Companies House using our Accounts Production Solution. When submitting an amendment, you must follow the Companies House guidance which is summarised here.

Submitting amended accounts to Companies House

First you must contact Companies House to confirm they will accept your amendments, as they can’t process amendments to accepted submissions electronically. This means there are steps you must take to complete the process on paper:

  • Ensure the word ‘Amended’ is clearly displayed on the front page so to avoid rejection as duplicates
  • The amended accounts must be for the same period as the original submission
  • The amended accounts must clearly state that they
    • Are replacing the original accounts
    • Are now the statutory accounts
  • The amended accounts must be prepared as they were at the date of the original accounts
  • And the amended accounts must be signed by a company director

For further information please refer to

How do I amend just one part of the accounts?

If you only want to make a change to one part of the company accounts, then you must send a note with your submission to explain what has been changed, and the note must be signed by a company director. This is filed with a copy of the original accounts to Companies House.

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