In The Community

We’re passionate about giving back to the local community.

White Lodge Centre are an amazing local charity who support disabled children, young people and adults, families and carers in Surrey and the surrounding areas.  Each year we run different festive-themed activities to support the great work they do.

British Heart Foundation

Each year BTCSoftware participate in raising funds for a local and a national charity of our choice. In 2017 our chosen national charity was the British Heart Foundation. BHF are the UK’s number one heart charity and through 50 years of funding cutting edge research they have made a big difference to people’s lives.

In the spirt of charity our co-founders, Rob Ellis and Ian Katté, participated in various bike rides throughout the year to raise as much money and awareness for the charity as possible.

Woking Street Angels

BTCSoftware delivers lollies and flipflops to Woking Street Angels

One of the first tasks for new Street Angels Co-ordinator, Andrew Bates, was very enjoyable – taking delivery of donated supplies of hundreds of lollipops and flip flops from Woking Street Angels sponsors BTCSoftware. Street Angels give away flip flips and lollies as a friendly gesture to night-time revellers who may have had too much to drink or who are having trouble walking on their high heels.

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