Interview with Ian Katté, CFO and Co-Founder

Date Published: January 16, 2020

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Ian Katté has been BTCSoftware’s hard-working CFO since day one – with a role that also encompasses assisting with product development and technical support. It was his sophisticated Excel spreadsheet from which the first BTCSoftware Solutions were born with the help of Rob’s technical expertise.

Ian Katté CFO and Co-Founder at AE19 with Accounts Production Award

It’s not surprising that he teamed up with Rob to create BTCSoftware 21 years ago – Ian came from university with an engineering degree, then trained as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young in London. He’s been a qualified Chartered Accountant since 1981 and has unrivalled insight gained from working with major international companies and privately owned businesses.

We wanted to find out what’s stood out for Ian in the BTCSoftware journey so far, so we posed him a few questions.

What has been your biggest surprise since founding BTCSoftware in 1999?

The most surprising thing for me has been the way our customers have supported us throughout the last 21 years. We knew we wanted to do things differently and provide an excellent product with excellent service, but it’s been a revelation how much our customers reciprocate on the relationship. When I get to meet them at events, exhibitions, and conferences, it’s amazing to be met with such a friendly reception. In many cases, it often seems much more than just a commercial relationship.

Why is BTCSoftware so successful?

We genuinely care about both our staff and customers. When either staff or customers approach us with suggestions/matters of concern, it is important to us. We always listen and respond accordingly whether it’s a staff matter or comments on the software and service. By taking on board as much feedback as possible we believe our employees are happier and our products reflect what accounting professionals really want.

What differentiates BTCSoftware?

It’s the things that make us successful that make us different. We started BTCSoftware to provide solutions that make accounting and tax professionals’ lives easier, more rewarding, and more profitable. To do that means we listen and accept feedback, and allow our customers and staff to have a say in and contribute to our development plans for the future.

What has been the most important lesson in the last 21 years?

(editor’s note: this is remarkably similar to Rob’s answer to the same question, which you can read here)

It’s not always easy to be in business with friends, but if you can overcome the bumps on the road, then the results are truly awesome!

Do you have a proudest moment?

For me, it was winning the Software Excellence Award for Accounts Production Software of the Year in 2019. AP Solution has been a product that we’ve put a lot of time and effort into perfecting, so being rewarded for all that work was fantastic. I’ve wanted that particular trophy for a long time!

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