Interview with Paul Oldridge, Business Development Director

Date Published: January 28, 2020

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Paul Oldridge joined BTCSoftware in 2006 as Business Development Director. His background in the computer industry has brought valuable insight into developing the business while ensuring customer care never takes a back seat to sales. We wanted to find out what his BTCSoftware experience has been so far.

Paul Oldridge

How do you encourage team members to excel?

The most important thing is the word “team”. Without a shared team vision, it would be impossible to grow, and we would not be using our time wisely. With great people working together, we can maximise our sales and marketing efforts. Our team members take ownership of a customer’s journey from the initial purchase, to post-sales support and training, and then onto the best customer care and support. All members of BTCSoftware’s team are invested in the customer’s experience with us.

What has made BTCSoftware successful?

We support our customers by providing post-sales onboarding and training, together with our award-winning support team – as voted by our customers. Add to this our close working relationship with HMRC, which means we can deliver all HMRC changes and new requirements on time, and we have a successful business formula.

And what makes BTCSoftware different?

It’s our empathy with our customers’ emotional investment in adopting our Solutions and our understanding of their needs. We understand that choosing software is a big decision, so we help them with the initial logical decision-making process, but also facilitate their journey through the purchase and implementation of BTCSoftware, and offer ongoing technical support after.

What’s the most important lesson learned in the last 21 years?

Above all else, our customers want software that they can trust. They both want and deserve to have up-to-date programs that keep pace with legislative changes. It’s our responsibility to ensure our clients can do their tax calculations and submissions correctly and on-time. By keeping our support team educated about tax compliance, we ensure that help is on hand when it’s most needed.

What’s been your proudest moment?

I’m proud that BTCSoftware’s commitment to strong teamwork and attention to customer satisfaction is meeting a clear need in the market. Achieving business growth of double digits year-on-year is a testament to our customers’ approval of the way we do things.

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