BTCSoftware and MTD for VAT

For the past two years, the BTCSoftware Team has been working in close partnership with HMRC to ensure Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTD for VAT) is as smooth as possible for our customers. We feel it is important to help HMRC find practical solutions to the technical challenges MTD presents.  By working closely with them, we want to ensure that MTD for VAT doesn’t present unnecessary work pressures on businesses and their accounting/tax advisers.


Our work with HMRC

Having worked very closely with HMRC over the past two years to road-test the MTD technology, we were delighted that BTCSoftware featured in HMRC’s list of approved MTD for VAT software developers.  This recognised that we had satisfactorily…

  • tested our products in HMRC’s test environment
  • already demonstrated a prototype of our software to HMRC
  • proved our software was able to comply with HMRC’s rules and guidelines

Over the summer of 2018, we worked closely with HMRC on its Private Beta Test and have since been involved in the Public Pilot announced in October 2018.

How we can help you

2018 Award-winning BTCSoftware develop feature-rich, cost-effective and MTD compatible software products that make life easier for accounting professionals and businesses.

Our abiding ethos is that quality software should never be expensive or cumbersome. We have therefore designed our MTD for VAT bridging software to be simple to use, easy to set up and affordable.

We have also ensured, through the integrations we have created, that it runs seamlessly with popular accounting systems and software packages that businesses and accountancy practices favour.  In our opinion businesses’ MTD for VAT learning curve should be kept to an absolute minimum, so they can continue to focus on other aspects of their daily work.

Want to find out more?

If you have any further questions relating to our MTD for VAT products or work with HMRC, contact the sales team at: e:  or t: 0345 241 5030 or Sign Up Today 

 You can also find the latest announcements on our blog or by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn or on Facebook.

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