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How to back up your Access database?

How to back up your Access database?

Making sure to take regular backups of your database is very important for all businesses. Please follow the below recommended practice of taking backups.

• Add the practice manager data folder to your regular backup routine

• The folder can be located at the following location for standard installations C:\ProgramData\BTC

Please note that the folder location may vary on network installations. You can check the location from Help > About PM Solution 2018 from within the software.

The above Program Data folder might be hidden as default on most machines and you may not be able to browse to these folders. Please complete the following steps if you need to unhide the location:

Windows 7

1. Right click the start button and open windows explorer

2. Click on the Organise drop down menu

3. Select Folder and Search Option

4. Select the View tab

5. Check on the Show hidden files, folders and drives radio button

Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

1. Right click the start button

2. Click on File explorer

3. Click on the View tab

4. Check the box Hidden Items

Please note: We recommend a simple, automatic and secure online backup system. We do not recommend any continuous backup solutions (For example, drop box or google drive). Due to the nature of database read and write methods, any sort of scheduled backup solution will maintain data integrity by backing up at time when the software is not in use.

• Once the database folder has been unhidden, copy the BTC folder

• Paste this folder into the necessary backup location

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