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How to extract and email data to the support team?

How to extract and email data to the support team?

When you are in contact with BTCSoftware’s Support team, on occasion we may need to check the entries you have made either on a tax return, accounts or VAT return to finding a resolution to your query. To send in the clients’ data to BTCSoftware, please complete the below steps:

  • Select the relevant client on the client list
  • From the top toolbar go to Client > Extract & Email Client Data
  • Click Yes to the warning message Do you wish to extract all data for Smith s/w to a file that can be emailed to BTCSoftware for analysis?
  • If you use an email program such as Microsoft Outlook for your e-mails ensure that Outlook is open and select Email Program
  • An email is now opened with the Clients’ folder attached, click on Send to send this to BTCSoftware’s support team.
  • For internet based e-mails, select Internet Email > Open Folder
  • Attach CE and if available the Client Files (zip file) onto an e-mail to send this to

Please note: All data sent to us is treated with the strictest confidence. Once received, we will analyse the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

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