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How to move the database to a new location?

How to move the database to a new location?

To move your database to a new location, please complete the following steps:

1. Take a backup of the database folder a. The folder can be located at the following location for standard installations C:\ProgramData\BTC

Please note that the folder location may vary on network installations. You can check the location from Help > About PM Solution 2018 from with in the software.

b. Copy the database folder (Usually named BTC)

c. Go to the new location (where you want to move the database to)

d. Paste the database folder onto the new location

Please note that if you are going to use a network location i t will need to be accessible by BTCSoftware Solution Centre any time it is open on any machine.

2. Open the BTCSoftware Solution Suite in the Administrator mode

a. To do this Right click on the BTCSoftware Solutions icon on the desktop

b. Select Run as administrator

c. Select yes when you get a pop up message Do you want to allow the following app to make changes to this computer?

d. Once the software is opened, do not proceed to login instead cancel the login window

e. Instead go to on Administration > Tools > Edit Database location

f. Click browse to navigate to the database location

g. Select the database (This is usually named as Practice Manager.accdb)

h. Click ok

i. Now the program will close and you need to re-open the program from the desktop

j. Go to Help > About PM Solution 2018 to make sure you are connected to the correct database

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