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How to reset software password?

How to reset software password?

If you have forgotten your user login password for BTCSoftware and you are the administrator, you need to contact BTCSoftware support for assistance. You can contact them by email or call on 0345 241 5030. Then please see below for further instructions:

  1. BTCSoftware’s support team will provide you with a temporary code
  2. You need to enter the code in the password box to login
  3. Then, go to Administration > System > Users
  4. Choose the user on the right hand window
  5. Click on Edit Record on the top toolbar
  6. Type in a new password on the Password and Retype password box
  7. Click on Save on the toolbar

If you are not the administrator, you should be able to get your administrator to help you create a new user login password. Your administrator needs to follow the above instructions from point 3 to 7.

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