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Moving the database folder to a new machine

Moving the database folder to a new machine

On the old machine

• Open windows file explorer

• (For windows 7, 8 & 10 this can be done by right clicking on the start button and selecting file explorer)

• Browse to the BTCSoftware database location, the folder is located by default in the following location

• C:\ProgramData\btc or C:\ProgramData\BTCSoftware

• The above Program Data folder might be hidden as default on most machines and you may not be able to browse to these folders. Please complete the steps below if you need to unhide the location:

Vista and Windows 7

1. Right click the start button and open windows explorer

2. Click on the Organise drop down menu

3. Select Folder and Search Option

4. Select the View tab

5. Check on the Show hidden files, folders and drives radio button

Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

1. Right click the start button

2. Click on File explorer

3. Click on the View tab

4. Check the box Hidden Items

• Right click the BTC or the BTCSoftware folder and select copy

• Paste this folder onto a memory stick/external hard drive

On the new machine

• Download the latest version of BTCSoftware Solution Suite from the following links

BTCSoftware Solution Centre (PM, SA, AP&CT)

BTCSoftware CT Express

BTCSoftware CT Advanced

• Use your login details to login to the website

• Save the installer BTCSolutionCentreInstaller2018.exe

• Run the installer file from the downloads folder

• Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process

• Close the software if it is then open

• Browse to C:\ProgramData folder

• Delete the empty BTC software folder that was created upon the installation

• Copy the BTC or BTCSoftware folder from the USB or external hard drive

• Browse back to C:\ProgramData folder

• Right click to paste the copied file into its new location

• Make sure this folder is named as BTC if not rename the folder

• Amend the permissions for this folder by completing the following steps:

o Right click the folder from within windows explorer then select properties

o From the security tab click the edit button and then press the add button

o Now type in Everyone into the Enter the object names to select and then press check names button and then hit OK

o From the permissions for BTC window click everyone in the group usernames box and then check full control under Allow. Now click the apply button and then click the OK button

• Now open the BTCSoftware Solution centre by double clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop

• Login to the practice manager to confirm your clients’ data is visible

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