This is our dedicated team of software professionals. We are a small but highly talented bunch – passionate about our software and determined to provide our customers with first-class service to match our award-winning products. Just click on the department and then the individual photo to find out more. Or perhaps you like to Join the Team

BTCSoftware Team Member

Rob Ellis

Role: C.E.O

Key Expertise: (Very) Long term C/C# developer and project manager

Favourite tax tip: No software is a replacement for a good education so keep your CPD up to date

Must-have gadget: Loc8tor Cat Tracker

Guilty pleasure: Red Wine

Hidden talent: Jet Ranger Helicopter Pilot


BTCSoftware Team Member

Ian Katté

Role: Finance Director

Key Expertise: General finance and tax expert

Favourite tax tip: Be prepared

Must-have gadget: Parrott in-car hands-free kit

Guilty pleasure: Smoky bacon crisps

Hidden talent: Bell ringing


BTCSoftware Team Member

Paul Oldridge

Role: Director, Business development

Key Expertise: Business development!

Favourite tax tip: Keep it simple

Must-have gadget: Off switch

Guilty pleasure: A nice drink in front of a log fire with my feet up

Hidden talent: Scuba diver even though I am claustrophobic


BTCSoftware Team Member

Tammy Ellis

Role: Director, Administration

Key Expertise: Excellent and well proven organisational skills

Favourite tax tip: Don’t leave it all to the last minute!

Must-have gadget: KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, Wine and a Log Fire

Hidden talent: I make an excellent roast dinner


BTCSoftware Team Member

Tim Pearce

Role: New Business Sales Manager

Key Expertise: Solution selling

Favourite tax tip: Don’t get tax avoidance and tax evasion mixed up

Must-have gadget: TV remote control

Guilty pleasure: Swiss watches and swiss chocolate

Hidden talent: Midfield General


BTCSoftware Team Member

Dan Keane

Role: Customer Sales Representative

Key Expertise: Solution selling

Favourite tax tip: Use HMRC updates to keep up to date

Must-have gadget: Apple MAC

Guilty pleasure: Only Fools and Horses

Hidden talent: Playing Guitar


Nive Raj

Role: Customer Sales Representative

Key Expertise: Competitor Intelligence, Customer Training, KnowledgeBase Articles

Favourite tax tip: Please talk to a tax expert for tax advice!

Must-have gadget: Apple Watch

Guilty pleasure: Sipping Mojito on a beach (Has to be sunny!)

Hidden talent: Apparently I can run


Abby White

Role: Customer Sales Representative

Key Expertise: Customer Care

Favourite tax tip: Not sure yet

Must-have gadget: Phone

Guilty pleasure: Wine

Hidden talent: Skiing, Horse Riding


BTCSoftware Team Member

Lisa Pocock

Role: Administrator

Key Expertise: Subscriptions, renewals and being nice on the telephone

Favourite tax tip: Be organised – don’t leave things until the last minute

Must-have gadget: TomTom

Guilty pleasure: New York-style Cheesecake

Hidden talent: Baking


BTCSoftware Team Member

Carol Katté

Role: Finance Assistant

Key Expertise: Bookkeeping

Favourite tax tip: Don’t waste time on unprofitable clients

Must-have gadget: iPhone 6

Guilty pleasure:Pink Champagne

Hidden talent: I was a Cub Pack Akela for more years than I care to mention!


BTCSoftware Team Member

Chae Martyn

Role: Senior Solution Developer

Key Expertise: WPF, C# and .Net Guru

Favourite tax tip: Always backup your data in a safe location

Must-have gadget: Wireless headphones

Guilty pleasure: Science fiction

Hidden talent: Reading while walking


BTCSoftware Team Member

Martin Banks

Role: Solution Developer

Key Expertise: WPF, C#, .Net

Favourite tax tip: HMRC online Gateway incorrectly validates Clogged losses

Must-have gadget: Kindle

Guilty pleasure: Really trashy fantasy books

Hidden talent: I make a great cup of tea


BTCSoftware Team Member

Adam Byrne

Role: Solution Developer

Key Expertise: C#, .Net development

Favourite tax tip: Stay ahead of the filing deadlines

Must-have gadget: Samsung Galaxy S4

Guilty pleasure: Pizza

Hidden talent: I can juggle


BTCSoftware Team Member

Chantal Gibbons

Role: Solution Developer

Key Expertise: C#, .Net development

Favourite tax tip: Don’t use out of date and unsupported software

Must-have gadget: Electric hand mixer

Guilty pleasure: Zombie movies, games and books

Hidden talent: Portrait Painter


BTCSoftware Team Member

Sally Harding

Role: Solution Developer

Key Expertise: Enthusiasm backed-up by years in Technical support

Favourite tax tip: NEVER put a database on a NAS drive, especially ours

Must-have gadget: Kindle Fire HD

Guilty pleasure: Using my lily beetle bug on the lily beetles in my garden

Hidden talent: Multiple dog walking


BTCSoftware Team Member

Keiron Richardson

Role: Solution Support Manager

Key Expertise: Technical support

Favourite tax tip: Be thorough

Must-have gadget: iPad

Guilty pleasure: Fast food!

Hidden talent: Go karting


BTCSoftware Team Member

Stuart Creasey

Role: Solution Support Technician

Key Expertise: Software and general technology

Favourite tax tip: Thinking about it!

Must-have gadget: Laptop

Guilty pleasure: 80’s Hair metal

Hidden talent: Unsure!


Joshua Powell

Role: Solution Support Technician

Key Expertise: Systems Setup and Technical Support

Favourite tax tip: Do your taxes!

Must-have gadget: The latest smartwatch

Guilty pleasure: Modifications on my car

Hidden talent: A master at demolishing chocolate bars


Michelle Daniels

Role: Marketing

Key Expertise: Marketing Campaigns, Content Marketing and Social Media

Favourite tax tip: Get professional advice

Must-have gadget: My Samsung Galaxy

Guilty pleasure: Weekends away in cottages with log fires

Hidden talent: I’ve directed plays and produced a musical









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