When future BTCSoftware customers get in touch, many of them have powerful integrations at the top of their practice software wish list. Accountants understand that the tools they use drive their practice, keep their clients happy and power everything they do.

Read on to learn the five major benefits to your practice of powerful integrations.

Ready to embrace the power of powerful integrations for your practice?

1. The power of choice

The problem: When you sign up for tax and compliance software with other providers, you need to use their own bookkeeping and document management systems too. You spend days migrating your clients to a new system, providing them with training that you don’t charge for and often have to convince them that the cost of switching with you is worth it.

The power: BTCSoftware’s links to other software mean that you get to choose your peripheral solutions – and so do your clients! We provide two-way links to many bookkeeping software options and easy import from the others, plus links with two document management and e-Signing solutions. That means you can make the switch to BTCSoftware without weeks of stress and downtime.

2. The power of flexibility

The problem: You’re looking for cost savings for your practice and identify that you’re paying too much for your bookkeeping software. You want to change bookkeeping provider, but because you’re paying for tax and accounts software that isn’t flexible, you’re stuck with an expensive solution that doesn’t work for you.

The power: Using compliance software that provides a choice of integrations gives you the flexibility to make changes to your other practice suite software. BTCSoftware gives you direct API integrations with FreeAgent, QuickBooks, Xero and more, plus easy trial balance import from other systems. You benefit from the flexibility to react to your practice’s future requirements because you’re not limited by your software.

3. The power of affordability

The problem: Signing up for an all-in-one practice suite often means higher costs for limited benefits. Your practice is tied into an expensive contract that includes everything regardless of if you make use of all the features.

The power: The power to choose means enhanced affordability. Using a fully integrated tax and accounts production software like BTCSoftware puts control of your costs directly in your hands. You choose the modules you need, then use our links to other software to build your perfect practice solution affordably.

4. The power of happy clients

The problem: Onboarding all of your clients onto the same bookkeeping software presents challenges for your practice. Inevitably, you will find clients who don’t want to change their systems or pay more to make the switch. And unhappy clients are always willing to talk with their wallet.

The power: You know that happy clients are a key driver of your practice’s success. Some research has put the cost of acquiring new clients as much as double the cost of long-term retention. Happy clients give your practice power in two ways – they stay with you for longer and reduce your cost of onboarding new clients when they refer their associates and friends to you. Using practice compliance software that’s designed by accountants means you keep your clients happy year after year.

5. The power of efficiency

The problem: You know that advisory work earns your practice more income than compliance work. But restrictive and clunky software means that your team loses hours on compliance tasks that should be quick and simple.

The power: Efficient software like BTCSoftware gives you the power to accelerate your compliance tasks, freeing up your billable hours to boost your revenue. At busy times of the year, your work is sped up using the integrations you need, plus intuitive trial balance mapping and data links between BTCSoftware modules so that you can clear your routine tasks fast.

The power of BTCSoftware

Embrace the power of BTCSoftware and benefit from:

  • Tax and compliance software for Accounts Production, Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment software and more
  • Quick to learn and easy to use reliable practice compliance software
  • Designed by accountants for time-saving accuracy
  • Links to HMRC and Companies House for client validation and approvals
  • Full telephone and email support with our fantastic team included in your licence
  • Fantastic value for money for practices of all sizes

You can find out more about our software modules or book a demo.

Ready to embrace the power of powerful integrations for your practice?

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