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BTCSoftware’s Customer Support is consistently rated as some of the best and most responsive around.

Unlimited support from our friendly UK-based team

BTCSoftware’s Customer Support are consistently rated as some of the best around and use the latest remote access technology to work on your PC with you to resolve matters as quickly as possible. Based in our Surrey office, they do not insist on email and customers tell us they really value being able to talk to helpful people who don’t expect you to be an IT expert.

In fact we regularly consult with customers to find how we can improve our products and approach to make their lives easier. Most of our tax software solution enhancements and innovations have been initiated from customer suggestions. It’s good to hear all the positive feedback we receive from customers. Check out some testimonials.

A selection of Last months customer comments

left as part of the support case closure

  • Excellent as usual
  • Josh was very helpful, solving my issues & advising on additional features to help me as a new user of AP & CT. Much appreciated.
  • Excellent service- immediate response and very friendly service
  • Excellent service
  • Once again sorted and resolved my issue with my new computer and access rights!!
  • Quick response to help as tax deadline approaches
  • Connor did a great job
  • Selva was really helpful. Thanks a lot
  • Thank you Simon
  • Well done Josh – again
  • Once again saving my bacon and on a weekend!!! Thank you
  • I have used support a few times and all BTC staff have been very polite and helpful, well done, a brilliant product
  • Extremely pleased with how my call with dealt with.  Courteous and professional.
  • Exceeded expectation!
  • Thanks for great service.
  • Thank you
  • Great service thanks Josh
  • Love the software and the support is excellent
    • Setup on 3 computers took an hour, very efficient procedure. And staff friendly.
    • Selva is extremely pleasant and helpful.
    • Thank you for your explanations and patience.
    • Extremely helpful and patient.  Thank you, it’s much appreciated 🙂
    • Josh was incredibly helpful.  Thank you Josh!
    • Well done Josh
    • Josh was awesome 10/10
    • Great service
    • saved my life!!
    • Great service and not long to wait after logging problem
    • Very efficient service, system restored in under 10 mins. Spent 2.5 hours on the phone to Sage yesterday. Your all well ahead of the game.
    • Very quick response. Thanks
    • Prompt response much appreciated
    • We received a very prompt reply to a message we left late last night and the issue was resolved within 15 minutes this morning. However, most of that time was waiting for the remote connection. We were very happy with the response time and the outcome.
    • Amazing, fast and easy help
    • Excellent service as always!

Customer support times and turnaround

Normal Working Days (i.e. Monday to Friday excluding public and bank holidays)

Support Hours – 9:00am to 5:30pm.  Please note that we aim to respond to your query within 3 working hours.

Last working day of the month

We provide telephone support until 5:30pm as normal. However, if a query reaches us by 5:30pm on the last working day of the month and the query is in relation to a filing deadline, we will contact you by phone/email before the filing deadline to resolve your query. Please ensure to tell us that your query is related to the month end filing deadline when contacting us.

Please note that we do not provide support during weekends apart from January.

January Extended Support Hours

Support Hours during normal working days – 9:00am to 6:00pm. In addition, our support technicians deal with emails and voice messages from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

Weekend support is provided on Saturdays during January via email from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

On 31st January, whatever day of the week, we provide telephone support until 8:00pm and email support until midnight.

Contact the support team

Telephone: 0345 241 5030



Additional help

The support team has also produced these other resources to help you get the most from your BTCSoftware product and answer common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Helping accountancy professionals be more successful

Unlike some of our competitors, we are committed to delivering tax software solutions at prices that are both transparent and realistic. Here’s how that translates in reality for our customers.

All our clients are entitled to unlimited support at no extra charge from the start of your 15 day free trial period as well as throughout the entire period of your contract.

  • You asked what I thought of the new practice management system. In short, I think you have a real winner there and I am very impressed. I changed my PM system at the beginning of this year, and it looks like your system could easily make the whole job tracking part of it redundant fairly soon. I can see that you are planning quite a few additional features, yet for me the appeal is how well you have homed in on the key functionalities.

    Edit Gardner Gardner Webb Accounting Limited
  • Moving from IRIS Software was a tough decision. I wanted the cost benefit that BTC that would bring, but was nervous about losing functionality. I have been pleasantly surprised this tax return season, and my only problem has been that the software is smarter than I am. So I keep discovering new opportunities to exploit the power of it. I particularly love the way that the full suite of HMRC documentation can be easily accessed as you go through the more obscure parts of the self-assessment tax return. Good support line too.

    Alan Sealey Tax4 Limited
  • I have used this software for almost 5 + years after moving from another tax software. This software is brilliant and excellent value for money. And of course the lovely team (Andrew and Sally in particular) who are always there for me when help is needed. Thanks guys.

    Jenny Clarke Childminder Accountancy Services
  • Having used BTCSoftware for the past few years I really can’t be thankful enough for the help and support of this company. With them we have been able to expand our business 100% year on year. Very simply and straight forward to use and has saved us thousands of hours. The team is great the questions we have had for them have been dealt with efficiently. We have close to 1,000 clientele and the secret to our success has been this software. Simply brilliant!

    Sohail Nawaz Tax Lounge
  • We like the friendly and approachable staff who are open to suggestions. The Practice Management software is a great tool for managing workload and for storing clients’ information. In fact the software is that useful that we’ve come to rely on BTC for core operations. BTC practice manager is flexible; data can be exported and custom templates can be created - we have found these two elements in particular to be very useful. If ever there is a problem, the staff always manage to address it promptly. We like how BTC is continuously developing and is adaptable to our business compared with other software available on the market.

    Garry Thickett Garry Thickett Ltd
  • Ours is a pretty typical busy small practice with 6 of us looking after around 450 clients. We’d been with one of the big name software providers for nearly 20 years until we started using BTCSoftware 2 years ago and we’d never go back! The only product we still use from the old days is final accounts but this won’t be for much longer as we’ve been trialling the new integrated accounts software from BTC and it is proving really intuitive. We’ve not only made significant savings since moving but we all actually prefer using their software. Also on the rare occasion we’ve had to contact them their support team have always been excellent – really on the ball and nothing was too much trouble.

    David Wall Wall & Co Ltd
  • The more I use it, the more I like it. The transfer of all my client details from my previous software and the accounts acquisition from VT Software to populate the tax return have been a breeze. Data entry is very straightforward and because it is ‘outside of a tax return’ has provided the opportunity to train additional staff to deal with all the straightforward PAYE cases. The on-line filing is also very straightforward and the BTC package has obviously benefited from a ‘fresh’ pair of eyes looking at the self-assessment task. Networking SA Solution has also given us a significant cost saving over the previous product.

    Peter Tucker TAD Accountancy Services
  • Having sold my accounting practice, I am now Group FD at SCA Group. We needed to be able to prepare CT600s for 3 group companies with supplementary CT600C Returns, Capital Allowances for Plant, Expensive Cars and Short Life Assets and claim tax relief for R&D.We tried to use HMRC online but found we couldn't file CT600Cs and there wasn't enough time to create a simplified group arrangement. So we investigated the solutions available and decided on BTCSoftware.It is quite simply a brilliant piece of software, easy to use, works like a dream with VT Software, fantastic value for money. We love it..

    Steve Bicknell SCA Group
  • A big thank you for your very helpful and efficient assistance today and thank you to BTCSoftware for taking the January deadline into consideration and providing adequate support for us. This tax season is going very well for me and I am very pleased to have chosen the right software provider.

    Rose Nelson FFA FAIA FTA, RNS Business Services
  • I have been using BTCSoftware accounts submission for Companies House. It has been excellent and is great help when up against deadlines. Co House have accepted both submissions within an hour of us sending the files. Co House acceptances also came through much quicker than expected. Thanks for your help in getting it in use.

    Gordon Stewart Stewarts Accountants
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