What does HMRC have on you?

Date Published: August 5, 2019

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New Product update release from BTCSoftware on Making Tax Digital!

Features update

The next quarterly MTD VAT submissions are due by 7th August – BTCSoftware has been hard at work updating features for you and your client. If you don’t yet have all your eligible clients on MTD-ready software, then we’re always here to help.

BTCSoftware has been hard at working updating and enhancing our BTCHub with features that you and your clients will find incredibly useful! Introducing our NEW HMRC Spy tool!

So! What’s new?

HMRC Fraud Prevention Headers

  • HMRC mandated fraud prevention headers added

Improved error messages

  • Enhanced two error messages to guide the users better
    • HMRC based endpoints now trigger extended error message – adding “This may be because you need to register yourself, or your client, with HMRC for the appropriate Making Tax Digital service.”
    • Lock errors extended to explicitly tell the user that they may be logged in elsewhere or a different tab

What else is exclusive to BTCHub?

  • For the individual product only – which means if you bought the individual product and not the company product.
    • We’ve added a new feature called “HMRC Data” which empowers individuals to see their data that HMRC has recorded against them for a given Self-Assessment tax year. Below is a screenshot of our testing area with test data.

BTCSoftware’s NEW HMRC Spy tool – what information does HMRC keep on you and your clients!

  • To access this data, (the client’s record) all you will require is to have a UTR and NI number. We have extended the client details screen to permit entry of these very fields.
  • Just in case you didn’t know;
    • Marriage allowance & National Insurance data uses UTR
    • State pensions, benefits, allowances, employment use the NI Number
  • There is also an extra sidebar link & button on client details – both reference “HMRC Data.”

Why is this important to you?

This helps individuals get their tax returns correct, and this helps users know what HMRC know about you as well ensuring that what HMRC has on you is correct.

For more information

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