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          Tax and Practice Management
          software which has MTD pre-population data live in our Solution Centre

          9 out of 10 rated our most beneficial feature to be robust and reliable software

          MTD live data

          1. Individual Benefits -Benefit–based services, such as retrieval of benefits information.

          2. Individual Employment - Employment–based services, such as employment history.

          3. Individual Income - Income–based services, such as historic personal income and employment-based income.

          4. Individual Tax - Tax–based services, such as retrieval of annual personal and employment-related tax liabilities and refunds.

          5. Marriage Allowance - The Marriage Allowance API provides information about whether someone is claiming Marriage Allowance and checks eligibility to claim Marriage Allowance.

          6. National Insurance - National Insurance services, such as retrieval of annual summary of Class 1 and Class 2 National Insurance contributions.

          7. Agent Authorisation - HMRC secure agent two step authorisation.

          Why not try our "MTD Compliant" solutions with a 15 day free trial.

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          • Value For Money

            Value For Money

            "The support that I receive is truly of the highest quality, the products are so simple to use and the integration is phenomenal.

            Also, my costs reduced this year - brilliant. I will not even look at any other products, there is absolutely no point in doing so."

            Value for money
          • Simple & Intuitive

            Simple and Intuitive software

            Simple and Intuitive

            "I would recommend this software without any hesitation.

            "I am so pleased that I came across it on the internet. It's so simple to use, the technical support is superb, nothing is too much trouble.

            Thank you BTCSoftware!"

          • Providers

              Here are just a few of our customers who have provided testimonials about our software and support. Just click the logo to read their comments.

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            • Childminder Accountancy Services
            • Tax4 Limited
            • Wall & Co Limited
            • RNS Business Services
            • TAD Accountancy Services
            • Stewarts Accountants
            • Ash Beetson Bookkeeping
            • SCA Group
            • AccountArt
            • Gardner Webb Accounting Limited
            • Garry Thickett Limited
          • Inclusive Support

            With all-inclusive support whenever
            you need it

            And if there’s something you’re not sure about, or you need help, you have telephone access to our friendly and very knowledgeable UK-based support team. No more waiting in a phone queue or pressing 16 options before you can speak to a real person.

            BTC Software
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            Four key benefits of working with BTCSoftware


            Great support from people who care about you and your practice


            Low, fixed prices that won't increase dramatically


            Simple, intuitive and easy to use software that will see you up and running in no time


            No 'ladder' pricing that penalises you for being successful

          • Sole Practitioners

            BTC Software

            Suitable for sole practitioners or
            larger practices

            We’ve designed our software so it’s simple to use, whatever the size of your practice. From start-ups to well-established firms, BTCSoftware’s solutions give you the ability to complete Self Assessment or Corporation Tax returns quickly and easily.