During our last Company Secretarial live demo, we were surprised by how many accountants still complete their clients’ compliance directly online at Companies House. So we rounded up the topics our audience had questions about and created a simple run-down of the reasons it’s worth signing up for Company Secretarial software.

Scenario 1: How can I stay on top of my clients’ deadlines easier?

If you’re filing directly to Companies House using their website, you likely have reminders set in other systems, whether that’s Practice Management or simply Outlook or Gmail.

That means you run the risk of late filing penalties for missed deadlines.

With Company Secretarial software, you’ll get email reminders ahead of due dates, plus access to the new Action Station to keep you on track with no stress or extra coordination.

Scenario 2: How can I verify my clients’ data so I avoid mistakes?

As a standalone system, the Companies House website can’t know what other data you have for your clients, or if you’ve made mistakes in processing that information. You also run the risk of duplication and will often end up keying the same data into multiple systems.

Accuracy and speed are essential to your practice’s profitability, as you earn more when you’re advising rather than completing compliance work.

Company Secretarial links with your suite of BTCSoftware modules via Solution Cloud so that you keep one accurate, central and secure database of all your relevant client information.

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Scenario 3: How can I process dividends and confirmation statements quickly?

When your client approaches you to request dividend vouchers, if you’re not using Company Secretarial you will likely be moving between multiple systems and databases. It takes longer and doesn’t earn you more in the process.

In Company Secretarial, administration of dividend vouchers takes next to no time, as your client data is ready to go. Simply click into dividend administration and appoint the vouchers, and move onto the next job.

Scenario 4: How can I be confident that my filing is legal?

To protect yourself and your client from future issues, you need to be confident that any documentation and processes followed are legally sound. A confirmation statement alone, as filed online with Companies House, is not enough to protect your client and your practice should problems crop up later.

Company Secretarial protects you with a comprehensive Minutes, Resolutions and Register package which links with your stored data in BTCSoftware.

Scenario 5: How can I be proactive when issues arise?

Perhaps the most common headache for those using the Companies House website is that they are working in a reactive way. That means that when a deadline is pressing, you are scrambling to resolve unseen issues, like strike-offs and other changes.

Using the Action Station in Company Secretarial gives you advanced warning of changes that need your attention, with strike-offs being picked up within 24 hours of the event.

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