BTCSoftware announces exciting new features in latest release of PM and SA Solutions

Date Published: March 1, 2018

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BTCSoftware PM SolutionThis is the first release of the 2018 Practice Management and Self-Assessment Products and includes Individual and Partnership tax return functionality for 2018.

It also includes an update to those Individual Tax Calculation and Exclusions which HMRC has released solutions to for year ending 5 April 2017. Be aware though they’ve yet to fix all the Exclusions.

The introduction of the Trust, R40 and FTSE Dividend Database and 2016/17 SA exclusions retrospective checker will be in the next release which is scheduled for mid-April (once the HMRC fixes have been released by their Digital Team).


BTCSoftware SA SolutionExciting new features and enhancements of PM/SA Solution 2018 Version 10.1

  • 2018 Individual & Partnership Tax Returns functionality which has passed the HMRC 2018 test case recognition process for these type of returns.


  • An improved pre-July 31st POA calculation process – so if the July POA is too low or too high, the system will prompt an automatic adjustment to the correct amount.


  • Improvements to the Detail Data Entry (Drill Down Data), including:
    • Users may now mark rolled forward detail data as “To be confirmed”. This enables calculation and printing, but not submission when data is not yet finalised.
    • The addition of a “Do not roll forward” flag to prevent, say, a closed bank account rolling forward from one year to the next.
    • A new notes field to provide more detail to the data. It too can be rolled forward from one year to the next.


  • The ability to save the Capital Gains form (SA108) without allocating the in-year losses. The return won’t submit in this state, but it does enable you to save the detail and re-visit the losses once you know what you want to do with them.


  • Improvements to the Tax return/Task Internal Notes, for example:
    • Internal Notes may now be edited without affecting the tax return status and IRMark (The System option is set to on by default).
    • The Internal Notes will now roll forward from one year to the next (The System option is set to on by default).
    • Enhancements to the MyDocSafe process, for example:
    • Enhancements to enable documents to be sent to securely to clients, with or without a notification email being sent to the client.
    • The user can have the notification option of sending sent documents to the instigating user and not the MyDocSafe account holder.


  • Yet another update to the HMRC Individual Tax Calculation and Exclusions for year ending 5 April 2017. It’s worth reiterating here that HMRC have yet to fix all the Exclusions and so expect more updates in our April 2018 release, along with the Exclusions Checker we promised.


How to get the release

Current subscribers to the Solution Suite will receive an automatic update or you can download it from this link. If you would like to subscribe to the Solution Suite contact Tim and Dan for a demo or more information – tel. 0345 241 5030 or email  

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