BTCSoftware launches a Ban Ladder Pricing campaign at Accountex 2015

Date Published: May 6, 2015

Category: Tax Software


Since its inception BTCSoftware, who provide award-winning practice management software to the Accountancy profession, have believed strongly in clear transparent pricing which doesn’t prohibit accountants growing their businesses.

“Over the years we’ve seen many small but successful accountancy practices fall victim to strictly tiered pricing structures offered by our rivals.  As these practices grow and self-assessment or corporate tax return volumes increase, the ladder pricing kicks in. The result is major hikes in the cost of their software licenses, says Andrew Ross, Sales Director at BTCSoftware.

“We feel this is wrong and totally contrary to the help that accountancy practices need to grow and build successful businesses. At BTCSoftware, we are fundamentally against ladder pricing and instead offer a transparent, one-level software licence which doesn’t increase the more clients, returns or accounts you have”, he adds.

In view of their concerns about the effect ladder pricing is having on small and medium accountancy practices, BTCSoftware is launching its ‘Ban The Ladder’ campaign at its stand at this year’s Accountex event.

“We want to raise awareness to accountancy practices that they do have a choice in the pricing models for the software they need, in order to run their practices effectively. Big names may not, at the end of the day, help you build a profitable business for the long-term.”

Delegates at Accountex can find out more about BTCSoftware’s ‘Ban The Ladder’ campaign at their stand – A604 – at Accountex on 13 and 14 May at ExCel in London or by contacting BTCSoftware on 0800 612 7650 or via




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