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Date Published: May 8, 2017

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HMRC's Talking PointsHMRC’s Talking Points online sessions, focus on topics agents have highlighted an interest in, or which relate to an emerging issue that HMRC has identified impacting on agents.

The sessions typically last around 45mins and provide agents with the opportunity to talk with subject matter experts from HMRC, across a range of different topics. In May 2017, HMRC plans to run the following sessions


Wed‌nes‌day 17 M‌ay: Companies House – our road to 99% electronic enablement of all possible accounts types

The requirement to file accounts applies to almost ever entity on the Companies House’s register. In the coming year, HMRC will be focusing on digitally enabling those types of accounts which currently have to be filed on paper. This webinar will discuss the way in which they plan to carry this forward and the choices and decisions that they will need to make in order to achieve this goal.

Time: 10.30‌am to 11.30‌am    Register now for this meeting  


Thursday 25 May – Capital Allowances and Vehicles:

This session mainly covers the special rules for cars. As it is a popular subject, HMRC are running two sessions that day:

Thu‌rsday 25 M‌ay – 11‌am to mid‌day   Register now for this meeting

Thur‌sday 25 M‌ay – 1‌pm to 2‌pm  Register now for this meeting


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Don’t forget you can submit questions to HMRC’s subject expert for each meeting – email prior to the meeting, including the title of the meeting in the ‘Subject’ line of your email.


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