Sally’s data back-up tips

Date Published: June 19, 2016

Category: Tax Software

Over the years we have helped many accountancy practices develop good data and systems back-up practices.  Here our Senior Support Technician, Sally Harding, shares her top 4 tips and recommendations on back-up essentials.

  1. I recommend using a proper online back-up solution such as Mozy and not a syncing system such as Dropbox. Synchronisation is not widely recommended for sharing or backing up database files due to corruption and locking issues, and this includes programs like Dropbox, Skydrive or even Microsoft’s own OS system for Offline file sharing. For more information click here
  2. Schedule the back-up to run daily to ensure you do not lose vital data. The added benefit of using an online back-up solution is that they are usually set up to back-up your data automatically, which means minimal fuse or disruption to your practice.
  3. Ensure you are backing up the whole PM or SA database to an external source.
  4. Test the back-up by trying to restore a file from the back-up, if you cannot retrieve the file then the back-up is not set up correctly.

I do recommend this site when evaluating different online back-up solutions on the market – It’s a good resource for comparing your options.



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