You can take your practice to the next level, despite the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. With restrictions on face to face contact with clients, the switch to working from home and a raft of stimulus measures in place to help businesses and the self-employed survive financially, we explore three ways you can maintain the lessons learned beyond the lockdown.

Face to face contact

A major transformation for accountants working with clients has been the need to find new ways to share information with them and communicate with them. Beyond video calling (don’t forget to set your background to hide that laundry!), document management and alternative communication have been hot topics for accountants over the last year.

When it comes to GDPR, compliance and general sharing of sensitive information, accountants need solutions for eSigning and security. Your clients can’t easily come in to sign their documents and you definitely can’t risk unsecured email.

Take it to the next level

Consider switching to an eSigning solution that allows you to create reminder workflows, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of who hasn’t signed and returned their paperwork. DocuSign links with BTCSoftware and has a free trial.

Working from home

Cloud for remote access

You need to not only access your practice software from home, but you need reliability. A shared database hosted in the Cloud means you can work in sync with your team, without the stress of trying to access information on an office server you can’t connect to. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes from our automatic backups and two-layer security process.


Working from home requires a different kind of focus. You have demands on your time that would not exist in the office, so consider these ideas for managing your focus.

Take it to the next level

Taking your practice to the next level is easier with the right software. Your practice software should make things simple, especially when working from home creates a different set of demands on your time. Minimising the time you spend on compliance with key date reminders, event and task tracking, and auto-completion of standing data, means you free up your availability to advise your clients (or finally make the cup of tea you promised yourself an hour ago!)

Coronavirus support

In his budget statement in 2020, Rishi Sunak said COVID-19 would be a “temporary disruption to the economy.” Almost a full year later, the Spring Budget announcements included further Self-Employment support, and extension of the CJRS and the VAT repayment scheme – plus much more in terms of business loans and grants.

Take it to the next level

Set up a reminder to send a batch of emails to your clients when things change and you need their input. Sign up for HMRC newsletters, if you haven’t already, to stay ahead of changes and ensure that you can be proactive in managing your client work.

Next level practice software during the pandemic and beyond

BTCSoftware gives you a powerful central database for straightforward client management, plus intuitive, time-saving modules for compliance. To find out more, see our product page. Or call the team on 0345 241 5030.

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