BTCSoftware won in three categories at this year’s Accounting Excellence awards. This month we’ll be looking at our award-winning software in more detail. In this blog, we’re looking at our Professional Tax Software of the Year award.

Our tax software offerings have been designed and developed in collaboration with our customers, who can make suggestions directly to our development team. Both the Corporation Tax and Self-Assessment modules fully integrate with our Practice Management and Accounts Production Solutions, making tax preparation and submission intuitive and straightforward.

CT Solution

The Corporation Tax module allows for simple preparation and submission of CT600 returns, along with iXBRL computations and accounts filing to HMRC. Client data held in PM Solution integrates to CT Solution, transferring details without re-keying and therefore minimising the risk of errors during preparation of CT Returns.

The adjustment of profits computation (with automatic calculation of capital allowances) and calculation of tax payable are all presented on a single easy-to-use worksheet. Results are automatically transferred to an HMRC approved substitute form for online submission through Government Gateway using CT Solution.

  • Links with 3rd party iXBRL accounts
  • Capital Allowances module
  • Dedicated property and R&D module
  • Supplementary schedules – CT600A, CT600C, CT600D, CT600E, CT600J, and CT600K

SA Solution

SA Solution is designed specifically for accounting, finance, and tax professionals who prepare multiple returns. It allows individual, partnership, and trust tax returns for the current and prior three years.

Our customers say they like the software’s intuitive layout. SA Solution provides context-sensitive HMRC guidance notes which makes preparing self-assessment returns simple. Data is integrated with PM Solution and returns are validated before submission to prevent accidental errors. It’s easy to retrieve and review data on-screen, and attaching additional information using PDFs files mean SA Solution is powerful enough to handle any return data.

  • Create Individual (SA100), Partnership (SA800) and Trust (SA900) Tax Returns with online filing included
  • Includes Scottish rates
  • Automatically link Partnership and Partners’ Returns
  • Built-in Captial Allowance Calculator
  • Integrated FTSE350 dividend database
  • Reduce the risk of late penalties with the task reminder system

The Best Support Around

All of our customers enjoy access to our highly regarded support team via phone and email. You can be sure that we will meet your needs, from initial set up and training to ongoing technical resolutions.

If you sign up for our Cloud Solution, our UK-based servers take care of data security and backups. So, you don’t have to worry about investing in and maintaining your own servers.

Demos and Trials!

Get in touch with the team to book your free demo and discuss a trial of BTCSoftware. You can call our friendly consultants on 0345 241 5030 or email

Don’t forget – if you’re currently using a different provider for your accounting and tax software, you may need to give 90 days’ notice. That means December is the perfect time to start your journey with BTCSoftware!

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