CS Solution does more than just confirmation statements. It’s an essential software solution for those looking after company reporting for multiple clients. Here are five more reasons you should be using CS Solution.

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You own and control your client data

CS Solution holds your client data, therefore you own and control it, saving yourself valuable time when it comes to filing confirmation statements.

Filing directly with Companies House is time-consuming as their system is stand-alone, meaning you need to enter information for each submission. With CS Solution, filing a confirmation statement takes just two-clicks. Reports from the software provide reminders that you have deadlines approaching

You have a legal record

If things go wrong with a client, you have the legal information to help them resolve their issues.

Companies House is a registry, not a keeper of affidavits. The submission to Companies House is simply a notice and does not have the legal backup with minutes signed by officers of the company. CS Solution provides you with the backup necessary to serve your clients and protect yourself.

Quick and easy dividends

As the information on your clients’ company shares is held in CS Solution, producing dividends is quick and easy.

Because you hold your clients’ data, dividends can be issued on-demand for your client, and vouchers are created for you by the software. CS Solution has all the information on shareholders and performs the division and produces certificates, so it’s as simple as entering the required date and amount.

Data integrations to reduce effort

Integrations between CS Solution and Companies House mean minimal effort when performing company reporting.

Your client data is updated by these integrations, along with key dates. When you deal with clients associated with more than one company, CS Solution gives you clear visibility of all individuals connected to all their relevant companies. You save time and improve accuracy as changes are reflected across the software.

Plan ahead with updates from Companies House

Multiple synchronisation activities take place in the background between CS Solution, Solution Suite and Companies House.

That means that you get instant updates on changes to the clients’ information. For example, should a company be struck off you will have plenty of notice to make arrangements and do the necessary work.

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