Since the arrival of Covid, we have had a dramatic move from the traditional way of working to remote working. Practices have had to act fast and adapt their staff to working from home. This has meant that most employees have had no choice but to become more digital.

Since the 19th of July 2021, the government removed most restrictions and was focused on getting the UK back to significant normality. However, many workers have enjoyed remote work, and they don’t want to abandon it altogether.

According to a survey conducted by FlexJobs, 58% of workers say they would ‘absolutely’ look for a new job if they weren’t allowed to continue working remotely. So, employers need to consider what the new way of working will mean for them.

Our webinar with BrightPay will examine the changes which have occurred at work due to Covid and highlight what can be done to establish the best way of working.

This free 1-hour webinar will cover:

Part 1: How Covid has changed how we work

Part 2: Restructure of how we work post-Covid

Part 3: What can accountants do to ensure they are digitally savvy to keep up with the new way of working?

Part 4: Q&A session

We will hold the webinar on the 26th of September from 13:00- 14:00.

Do you want to create the right working environment for your staff so that they stay motivated? Then, join our webinar to find out what to do next.

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