Making Tax Digital is available for Mac users

We have recently had an influx of calls asking if BTCSoftware’s MTD Solution BTCHub is compatible on an Apple Mac. The answer is yes, BTCHub, our Making Tax Digital solution is available on Apple Macs.

Here are a few reasons why an Accountant with a Mac might want to use BTCSoftware’s BTCHub:

  • Enables Accountants to keep their VAT data in their existing and even multiple spreadsheets – irrespective of how those are set up and what spreadsheet software they use
  • Draws the data in digitally from the spreadsheet into an MTD for VAT friendly format for submission to HMRC
  • Validates and submits the VAT data in an MTD-compliant format to HMRC at the touch of a button

BTCSoftware’s Making Tax Digital Solution on Macs

BTCSoftware’s Making Tax Digital Solution, BTCHub is our MTD compliant cloud software. It is a state of the art, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for MTD. It is browser based to provide device independence, meaning it can be used on PC’s, Apple MACS, iPads and browser-enabled devices.

BTCHub for Excel is available on a Mac. We have a working version of the Making Tax Digital Solution- BTCHub add-in for Excel 2016 and onwards for Mac.

As a cloud product, BTCHub can be used remotely by Practitioners, Business groups, Companies, Sole Traders & Individuals. BTCHub integrates with other third-party software such as Excel, Xero, Sage, CSV files and VT Software with plans to extend this list. BTCHub, our MTD for VAT solution provides users with an Excel Add-In MTD Solution tool to continue using Excel as their primary platform for VAT calculations.

BTCSoftware’s continued commitment supporting accountants and their practices

BTCSoftware’s core focus has always been to help accountants and their practices by providing software that is robust and compliant together with outstanding support. BTCSoftware, as always, will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure that we are always providing what our customer needs to remain entirely up to date and compliant with the latest tax legislation.

You can keep your VAT spreadsheets or workbooks

BTCSoftware’s solution also doesn’t require VAT-related data in the spreadsheet to be in a contiguous/one block of cells. It easily draws in data from multiple worksheets in the same workbook, for example, if the user likes to store several VAT returns in one single workbook.

This means that Agents and businesses can continue to use their trusted and loved spreadsheets (in the format they like) and still be MTD for VAT compliant.


For more Information 

BTCSoftware’s MTD Solution can be purchased as a standalone product for £250 (+VAT) for an annual licence. Take a look at BTCSoftware’s Solution Suite.

Taking just a matter of minutes to set up, it comes with unlimited free support from our friendly UK-based team. BTCSoftware’s MTD Solution is available to buy and is approved by HMRC.  You can now book a demo or order by contacting the sales team at or t 0345 241 5030.

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