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  1. How to check for and install updates
  2. How to re-register the software after a system crash
  3. How to recover a lost registration key
  4. How to find an invoice for your purchase
  5. How do I register the software once purchased?
  6. How to extract and email data to the support team from the software
  7. How to resolve a Username or Record Locked issue
  8. How to request a read-only licence
  9. How to reset your website password
  10. How to submit an amended tax return to HMRC
  11. How to remove ‘Undefined’ from the prior year column in the Extended Trial Balance
  12. How to poll for response after submission to Companies House
  13. How to download and install BTCSoftware Solution Suite
  14. How to connect to the correct database
  15. How to view event status reports and the total number of events
  16. How do I change a tax code?
  17. How to complete a Self-Assessment Return if the period is over 18 months with Capital Allowances
  18. How to enter Voluntary Class 2 NIC for Self-Employment, Partnerships, and Lloyds
  19. How to print the SA302 tax calculation for mortgage purposes
  20. What does “Details to be checked on roll forward” mean?
  21. How to enter CIS deductions on a SA100 tax return
  22. How do I submit a longer period of accounts for Corporation Tax?
  23. How to submit amended accounts to Companies House
  24. How to attach a PDF to a Corporation Tax Return
  25. How to recover CIS deductions through a Corporation Tax Return
  26. How to enter a repayment of a loan to a participator in CT600A
  27. How to backup your database
  28. How to move the database folder to a new location
  29. How to move the database folder to a new PC
  30. How do I use BTCHub?
  31. How do I import VAT figures using Excel?
  32. How do I import VAT figures using a CSV?
  33. How do I sign up my clients for MTD for VAT?

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